Get Involved

Want to join the movement?

Spring to the Tap benefits local communities while advocating for global change: think global, drink local. We believe that bottled water is an embodiment of larger-scale problems that can be solved with good, hard, grassroots efforts.

One example is our current project installing a local, custom made, bronze, drinking water fountain in downtown Enumclaw. This fountain will be located right downtown, ready to provide free spring water at community events, generate pride in public art, and foster stewardship of our natural resources––educating and inspiring all who use it! It will be installed on the corner of Cole Street and Stevenson Avenue in the summer of 2016.

The best things you can do:

  • Check out the differences between bottled water and tap water! Then learn about the impacts of  a privatizing and plasticizing consumer society.
  • Spread the word! Talk to buddies, neighbors, business owners, and everyone who thinks we should improve our communities and make a difference in the world.
  • Go even bigger! Support local efforts for drinking fountains and refilling stations, set up community screenings of documentaries liked Tapped, write letters to local politicians, and do what you can to get involved!
Spring to the Tap accepts tax-deductible donations online. You can also support us by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and reading our blog!