Springing Stories - January and February

Monthly recaps of all Spring to the Tap related news-- tap water, bottled water, plastic, and more!

The Politics of Drinking Water - The Atlantic
A history of tap water shows how the growth and importance of clean tap water in the United States reflects the status of the nation.

The Unlikely Champion of a Water Bottle Ban - The New York Times
A story of how Xanterra Parks and Resorts, which operates concessions for many National Parks, is championing efforts to promote tap water, despite losing revenue from their choice not to sell bottled water.

Water and Classical Civilizations - Crash Course Word History
John Green explains how water's life-giving power has influenced the course of world history.

Ocean waste hits home: Plastic-filled fish guts ruins Chilliwack man's catch - The Province
A steelhead trout caught on the Vedder River in British Columbia contained a stomach full of dangerous plastic particles likely ingested at sea.

Corals on the Great Barrier Reef Eat Plastic. And That's Bad - Planet Experts
Scientist have long suspected that a wide range of marine life ingest microplastics, new research adds corals to a growing list of incidental 'plastivores'.

Study Finds Rising Levels of Plastics in Oceans - The New York Times
A recent study pinpoints which countries are likely responsible for the most plastic waste cast off into the oceans.

Did you see any other interesting stories the last two months? Be sure to share them with us in the comments!

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