Enumclaw Water Fountain Public Information Meeting Recap

Last Monday, Spring to the Tap hosted a public information meeting to share ideas, answer questions, and collaborate with the community about Spring to the Tap's proposal to install a drinking fountain in downtown Enumclaw. The meeting was led by Ross Brown, a nationally-renowned Enumclaw-based bronze sculptor, who will be designing and creating this unique piece of functional art from scratch.

During the meeting Ross presented his ideas for a uniquely-designed drinking water fountain to be installed on the corner of Cole Street and Stevenson Avenue in downtown Enumclaw (left). The video above is a condensed version of Ross' presentation given at the Enumclaw Public Library on January 26th (the premature ending is a result of technical difficulties).

The fountain will include both a traditional drinking water spigot and a bottle refilling mechanism. Its design will meet ADA standards for accessibility. Ross Brown also discussed how this drinking fountain will also represent both the local image of Enumclaw and the significance of global issues surrounding water resources.

Above are three Stage 1 concept sketches Ross Brown presented at the meeting for public review. We welcome any and all ideas that you think might improve the design in any way. Below are some suggestions taken at the public meeting:
  • A spigot and bowl for passing dogs is a definite feature to be included in the final fountain.
  • We will explore possible options in reusing or redirecting the water that normally drains away following the use of the fountain, including sanitation concerns.
  • Also important is the inclusion of local elements that make Enumclaw unique, such as the image of Mt. Rainier and the featured wildlife tracks (including aquatic) and symbols important to the Muckleshoot Tribe in the design of the fountain.
  • Other great suggestions from community members present at the meeting related to design appearance, aesthetics, and safety.
Using your input to hone his design, Ross Brown will begin the creation of a scale model drinking fountain as the next step in the project. Look for more public events leading up to the presentation of the model this summer!

We would love to hear from you! Do you have any suggestions for the design of the drinking fountain?

Please leave a comment below, email us, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter

Thanks, and we look forward to receiving your input!


  1. Second time trying to leave a comment:

    I am so sorry I could not make the meeting! Thank you for your hard work! An Enumclaw student, and an artist like Russ - awesome working together!

    I can't quite tell from the designs, but a 'doggie' bowl at the base would be appreciated, I believe, by pet owners. I am not one, but our children are, and I frequently hear their appreciation for this sort of thing.

    Thank you!

    Nancy Merrill

    1. Thanks for your comment Nancy (even if it took two tries).

      The dog bowl was brought up at the meeting as well and I think that will definitely be in the final design, we can't forget about our dogs' need for water too!