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Here is your summary for news about bottled and tap water around the world.
Articles date from October 14th - 16th.

Guelph, Canada
The city of Guelph was co-sponsoring a Water Conservation Documentary Night, three films designed to promote water conservation, when the city received a letter from Nestle Waters Canada. Nestle was concerned with the screening of Tapped, a documentary that analyses the aspects and impacts of the bottled water industry. I first found out about this on October 6th, and there has since been a development. 
Above: @Spring to the Tap's tweet on October 6th, includes link to other article.

In the end Nestle Canada pressured the city into canceling the screening at the Water Conservation Documentary Night (here the mayor defends her decision), but this Monday (October 15th) Tapped was screened at the University of Guelph campus. The cancellation created more interest in the subsequent screening, sparking more interest in a city where water resources are especially scarce because of its reliance on groundwater.

Chicago, Illinois 
Chicago Faucet Shoppe Incorporated sued (on behalf of consumers) Nestle Waters North America claiming that the water in the 5 gallon containers is untruthfully labeled. They state that the pristine images of springs wrongfully depict water that is, in fact, bottled tap water. 
Article from Food Navigator-USA

Here is another article, from Business Insider, covering more of the story.

Washington, DC
The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority recently took a taste test of over 800 people and more than half preferred the taste of tap water or couldn't tell the difference. Also reported: half of the people surveyed said they drink mostly bottled water.

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