Water is important, a human right, a necessity for all life on earth.

Freshwater depletion, groundwater contamination, water privatization, plastic waste, and climate change all threaten the safety, cleanliness, and accessibility of water for everyone. Supporting tap water can solve these issues.

Spring to the Tap thinks of it like this: the choice between bottled water and tap water is easy––because tap water is cheaper, more reliable, and more convenient. For many people across the globe, choosing tap water is naturally the first step in addressing some of our most dire problems and ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for all.

Awareness • Alternatives • Action

A three-pronged approach is key to making a difference. By raising awareness of the global impact of our cultural approaches, stimulating infrastructure to create alternative options, and sustaining inspired collaborative action at all levels, we can send a message that culminates in positive change for our communities.

More About the Organization

Spring to the Tap is a small group of people thinking big and leading projects to make local communities better now and in the future. Launched in 2011 as an eighth grade school project to help Enumclaw become a better place, Austin Schuver began Spring to the Tap by educating the public about the impact that bottled water can have on a person's health, environment, and community. In 2013 Spring to the Tap was incorporated as a nonprofit in Washington, and in 2014 was federally recognized as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.