Enumclaw City Council Approves New Public Drinking Fountain Sculpture

On Monday, the Enumclaw City Council unanimously approved a resolution accepting the Spring to the Tap Fountain Sculpture into the city's public art collection and approving it to be placed in downtown Enumclaw upon completion.

The drinking water fountain project, proposed and sponsored by Enumclaw nonprofit Spring to the Tap, went through an extended public comment phase led by nationally-renowned bronze sculptor Ross Brown. Beginning in January of 2015, Brown released sketches of the future fountain during an open presentation at the Enumclaw Public Library. After incorporating public input into the design process, Brown finished a 1/3 scale model of the fountain in August 2016. The model was showcased at Enumclaw's Art in the Garden event, the Arts Alive! Gallery, the Enumclaw Public Library, and the Enumclaw City Hall. At each venue, the public contributed comments that will help inform Brown as he designs and casts the final piece. The majority of the comments indicated a welcoming and enthusiastic response to the sculpture.

Three sketches proposed by artist Ross Brown last January.

In October, the Enumclaw Arts Commission moved to recommend the fountain sculpture project to the Enumclaw City Council. The recommendation, along with presentations by Brown and the Spring to the Tap board, was made in November.  Council members and the mayor commented positively about the fountain project. And finally, at their first meeting of 2017 this week, the council voted with unanimous approval.

The city council recognized Spring to the Tap's vision of the fountain as a "longstanding functional and artistic symbol of our well-being and our commitment to the health of our community, its people, and our environment." As both a creative sculpture and practical drinking fountain, the arts commission and city council welcomed an addition to its art collection that enhances "both aesthetics and community pride in Enumclaw as well as providing fresh drinking water as a public service."

A model of the Spring to the Tap fountain.

Ross Brown will now begin work on the full-size fountain. We will post the timeline for completion when we have more information. The fountain will be installed on the northeast quadrant of the intersection between Cole Street and Stevenson Avenue.

Spring to the Tap is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness, creating alternatives, and sustaining action in advocacy for tap water. Formed as a small group of Enumclaw citizens, Spring to the Tap envisions a future with clean, accessible, and sustainable water for all.

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